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Postpartum Care for All Families


For a society where all families can start parenting in good health.

"I didn't realize how hard the postpartum period would be."
"My baby is cute, but I wish my body was healthier..."

Amidst the joy of the birth of a baby, a woman's body after childbirth is damaged to the extent that it is said to be "the same as an injury that takes two months to heal.

The physical and mental changes that occur after childbirth can cause postpartum depression, infant abuse, and marital discord (postpartum crisis).

In Japan, there is extensive public care for pregnant women, but care for the mother's body and mind after childbirth has taken a backseat.

Since 1998, Madre Bonita has been developing a health care program specializing in the postpartum period to support families who have welcomed a child so that they can lead healthy lives, both physically and mentally.

What We Do

Prenatal and Postpartum Programs
Supporting Healthy Parenting through Exercise, Dialogue, and Self-Care

MadreBonita has developed and provided a holistic fitness program designed for pregnant and postpartum women in order to solve problems such as mental and physical issues after childbirth , and confusion or discontent with changes in their marital relationships. In recent years, we have also focused on online parenting classes that allow couples to learn about and prepare for the postpartum period.

Postpartum care class was featured on TBS News.

Training Postpartum Care Professionals

MadreBonita's postpartum care is a program that not only helps mothers feel refreshed, but also rehabilitates the body and mind after childbirth, and draws out the strengths of each mothers that women who have become mothers naturally possess.

Instructors are professionals who believe in postpartum women and stay close to them to deliver postpartum care.

At our training school, we train postpartum care professionals in four courses: postpartum self-care instructor, ball exercise instructor, postpartum self-care instructor, and postpartum self-care advisor.

Research and Awareness

We are engaged in collecting and analyzing a variety of findings and applying them to awareness-raising activities and program development.

In 2009, Madre Bonita published the "Sango Hakusho (Postpartum White Paper)", a booklet on the actual physical and mental changes of postpartum women, and in 2012, an English version "A Study on Postpartum Life" published by a volunteer team formed by members and alumni. (PDF can be downloaded from the following botton. )

In 2020 we began to working with research teams from Nippon Sport Science University and Yukioka School of Allied Health Professions to conduct a study on "Physical activity in postpartum women during the pandemic”, and “Postpartum Partnership in the Pandemic”. In 2022 we published a booklet “Sango Hakusho 4” that analyzes the condition of bodies and marital relationships, specifically after childbirth during pandemic.

Need a paper booklet?

Paper booklets are available free of charge. If you wish to receive copies, please contact us from below. (We accept orders of 10 or more booklets. Shipping is only available within Japan.)

Latest Research Results
A paper written by our co-researcher Yumi Nomura and Tomoko Araki, examining factors related to postpartum physical activity, has been published in BMC Women's Health.

There have been few reports on postpartum physical activity among Japanese women, and this is the first English-language paper on the subject.  

"Factors influencing physical activity in postpartum women during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional survey in Japan" (BMC Women's Health)

A Study on Postpartum Life_cover.jpg

Pass the Postpartum Care Baton

What we want to create is a society where everyone has access to postpartum care

We operate the "Postpartum Care Baton Program," which subsidizes program fees for mothers of multiples, single parents, and mothers of children with disabilities, through your donations.Thanks to your supports, we have provided subsidies program fee to 1,281 participants.

Since this program began, mothers and children who had previously been confined to a closed room now have the opportunity to participate and meet other mothers.

When mothers of multiples attend classes, we arrange for volunteers to assist them as needed to support their concerns such as "I want to attend with my twins, but what if they start crying at the same time?”

Who We Are

Since 1998, MadreBonita has developed and provided a holistic fitness program designed for pregnant and postpartum women.



Organization Name

NPO MadreBonita

September 3rd, 1998
(NPO certified on Feburuary 29th 2008)


Kuwano Bldg. 2F, 6-23-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Masako Nakagiri 
Hiroko Yamamoto

Members of the Board 

Kaori Naganoma
Nami Nagano
Kazuna Arai


Megumi Nagata
Takeshi Nemoto

Advisory tax accountant 

Jun Okada


Chisato Kitazawa
Yukiko Kimura
Sumie Masuda
Chihiro Miyazawa


Maco Yoshioka

(NPO Single Mother’s Sisterhood)

Awards (excerpt)


Problem Solving Ability Award at the 10th Excellent NPO Awards (The Genron NPO)


American Express Leadership Award : Awarded to Maco Yoshioka (American Express Foundation)

Women's Challenge Award (Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan)

Co-creAction Awards2016 Grand Prize (Ideal Leaders Co., Ltd.)


Google Impact Challenge: Grand Prix [WomenWill Award] (Google)

The 2nd Nikkei Social Initiative Awards: Domestic Category Award (Nikkei Inc.)




Our goal is to redefine postpartum issues from women’s matters to agendas for couples, families, and society. 


 Your financial support helps us to provide maternity and postpartum programs and to raise awareness of postpartum healthcare.



You can easily donate online, by clicking the Donate button below.



Become a member of "Madre Ouendan (Madre Cheering Squad)" to support postpartum healthcare.

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If your company matches funds, connect with us on Benevity. Please feel free to inquire about other ways to donate.

Madrebonita is recognized as a certified non-profit organization by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

  • Donors can receive tax benefits such as a donation deduction by filing a tax return.

  • In addition to income tax reductions, some local governments in Japan offer tax reductions of up to 50% on inhabitant taxes.

  • Inheritance and legacy donations are exempt from taxation.

  • For corporations, the deductibility of donations, which reduces corporate tax, is increased by 3 to 5 times.

  • In addition, up to the total amount of the general and special limits can be deducted as a tax-deductible expense.


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